Best WordPress Accordion Plugins (2023)

Are you seeking for the top accordion plugins for WordPress?

WordPress Accordion Plugins Have you ever seen these amazing foldable parts on websites that expand after you click and a text/image appears almost instantly, as if by magic?

This is known as accordion. It provides a professional touch to your post/page and enhances the user experience on your website.

You have to be a good developer or pay someone to do it for you if you wanted to do it before. However, several WordPress plugins make it simple to do so now.

By displaying questions as tabs, accordions are most usually utilized to add a frequently asked questions (FAQs) section. You can, however, utilize them to add any type of material where you want people to avoid scrolling.

Let’s have a look at some of the best WordPress accordion plugins for your WordPress site.

There are many accordion plugins to choose from.

WordPress Accordion Plugins
WordPress Accordion Plugins

I’m going to give a list of the 10+ greatest WordPress accordion plugins to help you find the finest one for you.

WordPress Accordion Plugins


Accordion is a useful WordPress plugin that lets you use shortcodes to add attractive accordions to your pages, blogs, template files, and anywhere else on your site. It features a responsive design that makes your content seem great on any device.

Font Awesome icon font support is included in Accordion, allowing you to utilize gorgeous icons in your accordion tabs.

This plugin allows you to create an endless number of accordions on your website. It lets you modify the style of the open and closed accordions, conceal the accordion without destroying it, align content text, and more.

Top Features

> Unlimited accordion and tabs
> Custom icons
> Display anywhere via shortcode
> Responsive accordions
> Vertical tabs (premium)
> Third-party plugin data import
> Lazy load for page speed
> Multiple header/content styles
> Compatible with the WordPress block editor and WooCommerce
> Header click stats (premium)

2.Easy Accordion

Easy Accordion is another WordPress accordion plugin that lets you create an endless number of accordions and place them on pages, posts, widget areas, and template files.

If you purchase their premium edition, you will have access to extra features such as an extensive shortcode system, accordions based on WordPress categories and custom taxonomies, themes, and infinite color support, among others.

Top Features

> Responsive & Mobile ready.
> Multiple Accordions.
> Drag & drop Accordion sorting.
> Fill space and Fixed Content Height.
> Accordion Border options.
> Widget Supported.
> Unique settings for each accordion.
> Translation Ready.
> Compatible with any Theme.
> Semantic HTML5 design and CSS3 transitions.
> Documentation and video tutorials.

3. Accordion FAQ

Another accordion plugin for WordPress sites is Accordion FAQ. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder that makes it simple to add accordions to your WordPress blog.
Drag the accordions up and down in the backside to sort them and regulate their location.

There are various layouts, endless color possibilities, Font Awesome icon support, a responsive design foundation, and more. The Accordion FAQ loads quickly, which is beneficial to your site’s search engine results.

Top Features

> Responsive Design
> Accordion is responsive and friendly to any mobile devices
> Use via short-codes
> Drag and Drop builder Api integrated.
> Limitless accordion anywhere in the theme
> Awesome input field for accordions content
> Unlimited colour option
> Slick Frontend and backend UI
> Multiple Advanced Custom Field Available
> All browser compatible

4.Tab – Accordion, FAQ

Tab, Accordion, and FAQ is a WordPress plugin that adds attractive dynamic tabs and accordions to your website.

In WordPress posts, pages, and sidebar widget sections, you may quickly install responsive horizontal, vertical, animated, and other accordions. It allows you to construct tabs and accordions with a variety of settings so that you may tailor it to your needs.

It offers a variety of transition effects, varied layouts, sorting tabs using drag and drop, and more.

Top Features

> 31 types of Accordion & Tabs.
> Easy to customize
> Use via shortcodes.
> Draggable box items for easy sorting.
> Unlimited variations of usage.

5. Lightweight Accordion

The Lightweight Accordion plugin for WordPress lets you add collapse components to posts using a shortcode (in the classic editor) or a Gutenberg block. Using the details HTML tag and a few lines of CSS, a javascript-free accordion may be created with little page load time.

6.Shortcode Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate is a collection of decorative and functional components that may be used in the post editor, text widgets, and even template files. You can simply design tabs, buttons, boxes, sliders and carousels, responsive videos, and much more with Shortcodes Ultimate.

Top Features

> Simple accordions
> Responsive
> Fast-loading design
> Beginner-friendly documentation
> Compatible with the wordpress block editor
> 50+ beautiful shortcodes
> Translation-ready
> RTL support
> Live preview

7.Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a collection of new blocks for the WordPress block editor, not simply a standard WordPress accordion plugin. One of those blocks, however, is an accordion block (called Content Toggle). You may create accordion sections straight from the native block editing interface using this block.

Top Features

> Tabbed content blocks
> Work in the native block editor
> Custom content toggle
> Easy to use
> Beautiful accordions
> 20+ new blocks for the block editor
> Page layout blocks
> Beautiful accordions

8.Heroic FAQs

Hero Themes has created a wonderfully designed FAQs plugin. The plugin features an easy-to-use UI with a drag-and-drop editor for creating FAQs.
It also allows you to change all of your FAQs from a single page, which streamlines the process and saves you time.

Using this plugin, you can build sophisticated FAQs with photos, blockquotes, lists, videos, and more.

Top Features

> Add/Edit FAQs
> Drag and drop ordering of FAQs
> 15 FAQ icon choices
> CSS3 animations
> Add images/videos to FAQs

9. Arconix Shortcodes

Arconix Shortcodes is a multifunctional WordPress plugin that allows you to create tabs and accordions to your site using different style shortcodes. It elegantly presents your material in accordions across all mobile devices.
With the help of shortcodes, you can construct an endless number of accordions and place them wherever you like. A compatibility option is also included in the plugin, which helps you to avoid shortcode name conflicts.

Top Features

> 6 style shortcodes
> Shortcodes for up to 5 column display
> Responsive shortcode design to fit any screen
> FontAwesome support

10. Bellows Accordion Menu

Bellows is a fantastic WordPress accordion menu. It integrates with the WordPress menu system to create attractive accordion menus for your website.

The accordions in this plugin come in three distinct styles to pick from.

However, you may alter the look using their accordion customization options.

The plugin allows you to customize your accordion by adding icons, pictures, lists, and custom widgets.

Top Features

> 3 included skin presets
> Add images, icons, and custom content to accordions
> Widget Integration
> Multi- or single-folding
> Shortcode Integration

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